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Cheers from up heres in AK. mmmkay!

Mark Landvik and Eric Jackson are filming in AK with Standard Films for their new movie Blackwinter. Mark just sent in this report. Photos by Travis Robb and Mark Landvik
Here we are in Haines AK, but it feels a little like Nam. I’ll just break down the last 3 1\2 weeks for ya. Canoe crabbing, 5 days of shredding, 2 heli days, 3 sled days,2 days in Juneau partyin with fam and friends, 3 weeks of down time, 3 dudes almost losing there shit, avalanches, helicopter crashes, ankle injuries, people hangin from helicopters, these are just some of the highlights from or AK excursion. Even though shits been pretty hairy, we’ve stood our ground and we are looking at high pressure working its way over us as we speak so we will cross our fingers and wait for the day we can send it once again. Cheers from up heres in AK. mmmkay!
AK film lines.jpg
AK film lines
Cole and lando.jpg
Cole and Lando
Ejack getting shacked.jpg
Ejack getting shacked
gary and gary catch crab.jpg
Gary and Gary catch crab
haines all sunny.jpg
Haines all sunny
Lame pillow lines.jpg
Lame pillow lines
Lando and ejack at heliport.jpg
Lando and Ejack at heliport
Lando friends and family.jpg
Lando friends and family
Lando gets blasted out of the barrel.jpg
Lando gets blasted out of the barrel
lando on backcountry safari.jpg
Backcountry safari
stopping for a breath of fresh air.jpg
walking to the bar in haines.jpg
Walking to the bar in Haines

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  • dingo dan

    hell yeah! haines is the epitome of living the AK dream! Please , more hainescrack!!Did you slay Eaglecrest, sounded like another near record season there!What was your bar tab at teh Hangar?
    Peace from south central! bcd

  • nwsasquatch

    sick photos!!!!!!
    Lando, did you walk around with that crab and ask people to smell it?

  • Dope! Good stuff. I’m making it up to AK next year for sure!

  • jimmy

    Nice trip guys !