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FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Lib Tech Narrow Ass Snowboards 2009/2010

Almost every snowboarder knows someone or has seen someone on the mountain carrying two dangerous harpoons. We’ve observed them affixing a snowboard to each foot. Mike Wilson, Jamie Pierre, and Tory Bland helped us design some narrow ass snowboards specifically tailored to the needs of these harpooners. Handcrafted by snowboarders who have friends that ski.
Lib Tech NAS 0910

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  • So when will the NAS technology be used to create me a split Mullet? How long must a boy dream?

  • schwarz

    hahahahahahahah!! admit it. your building skis now. fortunately your shredder cred is not diminished as you are building them “near Canada”.

  • ive got a 173 jib nas – ive skiied for 36 years (38) and ive never had such responce and fun as i did today – thanks libtech !!!!!!!!!!!!