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Benny Schmitt of south lake tahoe sends us an update about last season …

Photo: Terren Gomez
Benny Schmitt of south lake tahoe sends us an update about last season …
“I have had the chance to be close friends with benny for a number of years, at 24 years of age he is a killer on the backcountry aspect. He is always finding the Tahoe secret spots. The advantage of snowmobiling out of his garage and into what we call hell hole is what Benny and his roommates live for on a pow day.  I have envied this guy since he introduced himself , he is basically a Booss!!!”-Colby Albino


  yo what up Lib-Tech just wanted to send some photos your way and let you know what i got going on this season, my goal is to travel as much as possible, planning trips and getting as much as i can get done on the budget that i have. Shooting as much as i can with the contacts that i have developed throughout the years. this past season i got the opportunity to shoot with some really amazing photographers and came out with some publishable pictures. i was also able to develop a new contact and friend that shoots with the  “RED”  we captured some pretty ridiculous skiing and plan to make a video this coming season involving a couple local riders and of course the team of talent that we have developed between you bino and wilson, myself and the skis that we happen to ride on. really my goal is to ski as much as i can, as hard as i can, while being innovative and representing myself at a professional level.

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  • Johnny Thorne

    Atta boy Gentle. Miss ya homie but its appears all is well, hope to see you this winter and make some turns.
    -Johnny Thorne

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