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Skeleton Banana?

We just found this sweet sticker job from some dude who wants a real Skeleton Banana.

Categories: Letters

  • Lacey

    thats a siiiick sticker job. He should design a board

  • Marco

    Like it. any photo of the whole board?

  • cheval

    nice job, future stick release?

  • John

    is that scotty w board??? he should have a pro model.. i know he still rides a lib

  • seffer

    looks suspiciously like an old whitlake deck to me!

  • Ben

    Looks like the Gondola @ Silver Mountain in Kellogg, Idaho

  • simon

    hey that graphic is the best graphic ever put on a board, lib HAS to make a skeleton banana !!!!!

  • peter

    gotta be the ganjola at silver. So fun! that place still has the untouched goods.