Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75


In recognition for design excellence in its 2006 creation of Banana Technology its predecessor Magne-Traction and for its positive contributions to the community Mervin Manufacturing was honored by the community of Carlsborg WA with its own road “Banana Way”. The sun beamed down through a bright blue hole in the sky during the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony that was held on Oct 29th.
Attendees included; the Mayor of Carlsborg Phillip Hergash, the unofficial Mayor of Carlsborg Daylin MItchell, Ryan Hollis Mervin’s new GM, sales manager Greg Hughes, Lib Tech’s Experimental Division including MIke Olson, Pete Saari, Steven Cobb, Apostolos Karabotsos, Jeff Henderson, the EnvironMental division head Norm Nelson, designers Annette Veihelmann, Trevor Phillips, Tim Karpinski, Customer Service experts Lindsey Bryan, Matt Olson, all of Mervin’s top Craftspeople, Shipping, Purchasing, Accounting, and the entire Mervin Global Alignment crew.

“Banana Way is where I make snowboards” Mike Olson

“Pot holes, gravel and mud never looked better!” Ryan Hollis

“This is a great moment for the community of Carlsborg and Mervin Manufacturing” Mayor Phillip Hergash

“Take a left on Kitchen Dick, right on Woodcock and straight down Banana Way” Pete Saari

“Banana Way is never the wrong way” Greg Hughes

Mervin’s New official mailing address is:

Mervin Manufacturing
65 Banana Way
Sequim, WA 98382

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  • You are the best in the world!Ficuz and Snowboard Shit Clan support Mervin-Lib tech from Italy!Thanks for all best day on board in my life!

  • jlO

    Congratulations guys! I hope to stop by Banana Way one of these days to say “hi”. You should come out next Wednesday for the Gnar Ball!

  • Ian Cushman

    Thanks for all the incredible years Mervin. We here at RG Johnson believe that good customer service and quality products are key to our success. It’s evident you hold these same values. Rip 09/10′ like you always do and let the snow fly.

    !DARK SERIES! and !C2! = !Perfect Season!

  • Alex Probst

    I am Alex from Germany and I need your help!
    I have searched for a LIB TECH Skate Banana 159 in blue for so long.
    NOW I found one in a shop in the USA. My problem: do you use different insert in European boards?
    I have to now this because of the screws I got with my binding, bought n Germany.
    My father told me, that maybe the inserts you use for the US market are in “inch-system” and the boards for the German market are in the “metric-system”.
    Would be great if you would answer my question!
    Best regards,
    Alex Probst
    Snowboard School Garmisch-Partenkirchen