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Eric Jackson Black Winter Webisode

Happy Halloween! Kick back and enjoy the first installment of the Black Winter Web series. In this webisode, Ejack-o-Lantern slays bottomless pow pow deep in the heart of the BC Backcountry wearing nothing but a pumpkin jacket! Props to Lib Tech for keeping only the freshest banana’s strapped to Eric’s boots! now go eat some candy…

Riders: Eric Jackson and Mark Landvik
Location: BC Backcountry
Directed and Edited: Travis Robb
Film and Video: Travis Robb and Aaron Whitely

Artist: Lynx and Ram
Track: Ghost Ship
Album:The System’s is on and it’s flashing red
Composed by Julian Fane and Carli Vierke
Label: Sublight Records

Artist: The Acrolect
Track: Ghost
Composed by Alex Barret

Black Winter©Standard Films 2009

Categories: Eric Jackson, Mark Landvik