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Lib Skates Welcomes Rion Linderman

Rion Linderman from Portland, OR is the newest addition to our Skate Program…Rion won our Pack Your bags contest a few years back and got top 10 in Malmo, Sweeden when he went over to skate with the big boys at Bowlriders.

“Hey Everyone, I’ve been skating the past few days stoked on Lib Skates its crazy! I went back to my hometown Roseburg for a few days and all the kids want Lib now haha. Everyone loves the new shape! I let all of them ride it and they were so stoked on it.” — Rion

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  • tyler nutson

    rion, youre my hero

  • KYle Richner

    Rion you are also my hero

  • kaliesa honey

    you are soooo hot!