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What’s up Scotty?

Hey Scotty how has El Nino been treating you?

Well, as you obviously know, its been a ripping good early season here in the NW. It just seemed to start snowing all of a sudden in early November and it was just full on winter right away. Up at Hood, Bryan and I have even been doin a bunch of our favorite lines already.

What Bananas have you been shredding?

Just whatever Cobb sends me- one of my favorites is still an old mullet made specially with C2.

Are you still involved with burning WVO or alternative fuels?

Yeah but I sold my grease truck to Mike Parziale a while ago cause he needed it more than me at the time, but I still get to use it quite a bit. My roommate Jared built the ultimate grease truck a couple seasons ago and we are planning on taking it on a trip up to alaska this winter to visit Laca.  I have a killer old BRAT now too. I’ve always kinda had a thing for old subarus, especially the brats. I wasn’t even looking for a car, but it was for sale right around the corner from my house and it was crazy cheap. So, it was a bit of an impulse purchase really. I kinda had to,  you know?

What else has been going on?

Now that its powder season, thats always the first priority if its been snowing.  Working a little bit, fixing up the BRAT for the winter, skating some still before it starts raining every day, getting wood for the winter, trying to get a hold of Pete…    you know, just regular early winter stuff.

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  • scotty the best rider best style in the world

  • david

    i want c2 on just the tail of my mullet + a skeleton
    thank you

  • Big E

    Yeah Scotty!