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The Last Frontier

Sneak Peak: TWS January Issue

TWS January Issue
Alaska—maybe you’ve been there, but you’ve never done that! By “that,” we’re talking about camping for 27 days straight on a glacier and splitboarding up massive, jagged, terrifying peaks … and then shredding them to pieces. Read all about Jeremy Jones, Travis Rice, Johan Olofsson, and Jonaven Moore’s latest adventure—National Geographic Adventure and Outside have nothing on TWS this month.

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  • Ti Archer

    The new age of shredding to come!
    In an era of ever present global stewardship the focus on human powered access is a needed paradigm shift, I can not wait to check this out!!!
    The boards that were split for Travis are the absolute most bad ass boards I have ever seen. I have been an avid Mervin cult member for five years now, riding various Libby’s and Gnu’s and pondering the purchase of a split-board or having one of mine ripped. When are you going to put a Mervin split on the market?????
    To partially quote previous entries;

    As an environmentally friendly rider the allure of making ascents under my own power is strong, rather than relying on the power off of the grid for the lifts or the fossil fuel to run high altitude snow machines, I would much rather commute than pollute.

    Again I can not wait to check Deeper” out

    Ti Archer

  • Frank

    Yeah Hope by next year one or two version of your best freeride board in SPLIT version like Mullet and so on… Mervin you can do it… you already do NAS so go for it and do one top Split board on the market! Thanks and I can’t wait to by it , cause if you do not will have to by Never Summer Summit Split board! 😉