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Jonathan Martens 1st Place @ Banked Slalom!

NorthWest-BakerLoc-SkunkApe-LibTech-Ripper Jonathan Martens won the Masters Division at the Mt Baker Banked Slalom with a time of 1:48.37. Martens rode the banked turns up high in the sweet spot and powered through any chop/ruts on the course for the win. Not only did he receive a superDuper Gold Duct Tape Trophy he won a seat on a Heli trip with North Cascade Heli!
Photo:  Bradley Andrews
Photos: Bradley Andrews

“Winning Gold duck tape at the Mt. Baker banked slalom and going on a Heli trip have always been dreams of mine and now I know with hard work and a little practice dreams do come true! Thank you to everyone who believed in me and see you at the starting shack next year!”~Jonathan Martens
 Photo: Bradley Andrews

Congratulations to Jonathan and all the other Lib Tech Rippers:
Jonathan Martens-1st Place-1:48.37-LIB TECH TRAVIS RICE MAGNE-TRACTION
(Proof that Magne-Traction Does Not Slow You Down)

Temple Cummins-1st Place-1:43.08-GNU BILLY GOAT C2 POWER BANANA
Sky Risvold-6th Place-1:44.93-LIB TECH DARK SERIES C2 POWER BANANA
Blair Habenicht-10th Place-1:45.90-LIB TECH PHOENIX C2 POWER BANANA
Jason Robinson-13th Place-1:46.58-LIB TECH TRAVIS RICE C2 POWER BANANA
Scotty Wittlake-19th Place-1:48.79-LIB TECH SNOW MULLET BANANA
Tucker Andrews-21th Place-1:49.56-LIB TECH TRAVIS RICE C2 POWER BANANA
Martin Cernik-30th Place-1:51.52-LIB TECH TRS C2 POWER BANANA

Kyle Phillips-7th Place-1:53.64-GNU-RIDERS CHOICE 162 C2 POWER BANANA
Apostolos Karabotso-7th Place-1:53.85-LIB TECH DARK SERIES C2 POWER BANANA


By Annette Veihelmann

Check the LBS site for full results.

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  • Andrew

    I dislocated my elbow on Friday morning right after slipping the course. Even though I was in a tremendous amount of pain I rode my lib tech t.rice c2 btx on Friday and Saturday to a decisive not last. Thanks for packing so much tech into that board.

  • Bryan Lane

    Watch out Mid-masters Mike D just got a 190mtx skunk ape!