The Electric Chair Show: Travis Rice

Check out this video two part video series by Method TV, Travis answers the question about Rocker or Camber? “Mervin’s Lib Tech/GNU’s new C2 Banana Tech is by far the end of it all… Once You go C2 you can’t go back” ~Travis Rice

The Electric Chair Show: Travis RIce Part.1
by MethodTV & Electric

The Electric Chair Show: Travis RIce Part.2
(Travis talks about C2 Banana being the best snowboard technology.)

It’s Travis Rice, one of the worlds best riders sat down in the hot seat of the Electric Chair. If you thought the worlds best snowboarders were just stupid self centric persons, you are in for a surprise. This time Mr. Travis Rice took some time out from drinking champagne with Bob Mcknight and other industry Big Wigs in Paris during the Quiksilver 40th Anniversary Tony Hawk Show, to share some wisdom and let us know what he thinks about snowboarding.

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