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Sneak Preview 2011 Lib Tech N.A.S. Pow Recurves

Categories: Ski

  • Delon

    Been riding the 07/08 nas pow………love ’em. I’m a big boy 6’3″ 240 and these narrow ass whateva’s handle all i’ve got. Super stable at speed i don’t get bounced in the crud and they rip the groomers. Mine are listed at 187 no recurve and i wish they were alittle longer…i noticed the newer recurve list at 191. jonesin for a pair w/recurve. will have to save some pennies. i’m a true magnawoowoo convert!

  • Paul Luczak

    I tried the 08 191’snd loved them. I have been talking to the Mt. Baker ski patrol who have the 2011 pows and love them.
    1. How long are the 2011’s?
    2. Where can I get them in the Seattle to Bellingham area?

  • Steve

    I have a few questions.
    1. What are the sizes of the 2011 POW?
    2. How many will Lib make this year?
    3. When do they ship?

    I have the 2010 188’s and they are awesome. I really want something longer and fatter..

  • what to buy? 6’3 200lbs 57yrs blue /black , love bowl sking, want to put some AT bindings for glacier and everyday sking ,cat sking in idaho , and alot of icee grommers with the kids