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Tim Dutton Verbier Free World Tour Comp Run

It was the scariest run of my life, so far. With all the added excitement of going to the top the first day and having to pull out due to weather, the actual comp day was super nerve racking. I stood up top and waited for my turn, I was fifth to last. The time came tho, of cores, and I was in the start gate ready to start my relationship with the Bec de Ross, whether it be good or bad. To my surprise all my nerves left as soon as I dropped in for the first couple of turns. I could feel my skis Magne-Tracton digging into the snow and making turns happen. I had a glimpse thought that this would be nice if the snow was like this all the way down, but as soon as I dropped into the second curer the snow turned to fluff, which was causing sluff and face shots, I had a shit eating grin at this point cause thats exactly how I like my snow. The Mt. is so steep I just tried to hold on till I got in the clear at the bottom. I pretty much gave all the trust to my skis and let them point me in the right direction. As I came off the last rock into the bottom it was a huge relief. I had made it down to the bottom of the Bec, first decent a comp run. Although I finished in 8th I couldn’t be more happy to have been able to start a relationship that will continue to haunt me for the rest of my life. Having my Lib Tech Re-Curve POW NAS was amazing. The snow changed drastically 2/3 of the way down and the only difference I felt was the cold of the snow hitting my face. The POW NAS makes the changes for you. When its ice the Magne-Tracton shaves it into pow and when its POW the re-Curve keeps you right up on top without fighting. ~ Tim Dutton

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