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Travis Rice Goes Bananas at King of the Hill

April 3rd, 2010, Valdez, Alaska–
Travis Rice Dominated King of the Hill!
Mark Sullivan’s Tailgate Alaska brought back the King of the Hill event to Valdez this year, after a 10 year hiatus.  It was a three run event big mountain contest and Travis Rice had the highest score for all three runs. No one was even close. For example, he dropped into a 2500? face with a method off the cornice and went directly in to a 70? backside 720 over exposure and then followed that up with a chute that wasn’t more than 3? wide. He’s also became the first person to ever do a handplant in a big mountain contest.
[swfobj src=”” alt=”King of the Hill Slideshow” width=”600″ height=”600″ allowfullscreen=”true”]Photos by Tim Zimmerman

Lando did really well too. He tied Shawn Farmer for 6th & they had to arm wrestle to break the tie. 1st Rice, 2nd Kingwill, 3rd Lago, 6th Lando.

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  • TRice

    Lando’s Like Popeye on spinich salad!!

  • Greg

    You guys ARE snowboarding!

  • zleach

    Looks like a sweet party! Nice samari slice!!

  • Hopps

    Rice, nice method, Lando is the new Stallone in arm wrestling