experiMENTAL Chewgash

When Action Hero Kraftsman Dave Mounts came to us about a new Chewgash shape, it was on. He wanted something more gunning for those tight chutes he was eying out. We ended up narrowing out the nose and gave him a new improved tail for better powder performance in the tail for sick bottom turns. Plus more rocker. I think he’s  gonna be a stoke snow surfer! ~Pos

Does it help to ride this board if your a surfer too?
Nope. Anyone who loves a good pow slash would enjoy this board….a surfer might enjoy it just a bit more though.

Whats the difference between this newer shape compared to the older one?
The newer board is not quite as wide as the old one and has more of a twin shape (mini-gun) with a bit more banana . The width on the old one made it deadly on anything but powder so we’re hoping that this one is a little more hardpack/groomer friendly. The magic of these boards is the wide middle tapering back to a tight pintail. It feels like it slingshots you out of turns.

Are you riding with or without bindings(noboarding?)

How much powder do you recommend for riding it?

Head high! At least a foot.

Do you wax both sides?
No just the top

How much time can you get in the white room?
With black curtains near the station? Plenty!

Steven Cobb head of the experiMENTAL Division had this to say about the Chewgash, “That board is totally wack, sort of like a wakeboard that doesn’t float.”

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