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Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

experiMENTAL Chewgash

When Action Hero Kraftsman Dave Mounts came to us about a new Chewgash shape, it was on. He wanted something more gunning for those tight chutes he was eying out. We ended up narrowing out the nose and gave him a new improved tail for better powder performance in the tail for sick bottom turns. Plus more rocker. I think he’s  gonna be a stoke snow surfer! ~Pos

Does it help to ride this board if your a surfer too?
Nope. Anyone who loves a good pow slash would enjoy this board….a surfer might enjoy it just a bit more though.

Whats the difference between this newer shape compared to the older one?
The newer board is not quite as wide as the old one and has more of a twin shape (mini-gun) with a bit more banana . The width on the old one made it deadly on anything but powder so we’re hoping that this one is a little more hardpack/groomer friendly. The magic of these boards is the wide middle tapering back to a tight pintail. It feels like it slingshots you out of turns.

Are you riding with or without bindings(noboarding?)

How much powder do you recommend for riding it?

Head high! At least a foot.

Do you wax both sides?
No just the top

How much time can you get in the white room?
With black curtains near the station? Plenty!

Steven Cobb head of the experiMENTAL Division had this to say about the Chewgash, “That board is totally wack, sort of like a wakeboard that doesn’t float.”

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  • jbvo

    you guys are awesome! riding a T rice and i can’t tell ya how much i love it…keep up the good work out on the penninsula..

  • Absolutley AWESOME ! the shot of him doing a heel side turn looks almost exactly like a bottom turn on a surfboard. I want that feel 🙂

  • keith gilyard

    Give me a split version and it’s on!

  • Steve-o-Reno

    EPIC!! Where can I get my hands on one of these?!?

  • Is this or one like it going into production? or available now. Heading to AK this coming Friday, would love to throw it in the quiver

  • Outerbeach surfer

    where can i get one! looks like the perfect Back coutry board, Maby time to retire my 178 o’sin swollow tail

  • Really digging these progressive shapes you guys are playing with. Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see those douches over on the east coast *cough*Burton*cough* steal this design too. You guys have led the design revolution for the past several years, and its good to see you’re still cranking out innovative shapes. Keep up the good work!

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  • Fatty

    Does this board have two points of contact for the edges on each side?? or is it similar to the banana hammock with only one point of contact per side

  • I am dying to own one of these, and i have also been looking into getting a job in the snowboarding biz. PLZ let me know how i would go about getting a job with you guys so i can pack my bags and move on over! and is there any way at all that a guy like me could aquire such a dreamy ride?