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The Pow Pod

Design testing with fearless ExperiMental Division field tester Scotty Wittlake.
Subject: Steven Cobb’s Lib Tech global alignment escape vehicle the POW POD
Location: Mt Hood Meadows, Oregon.


Categories: experiMENTAL

  • dennis a howe

    i just love mervin for this very reason. the never stop pushing creativeness is so ridiculous and so enjoyable. no matter what they design i will always buy because i’ve ridden them for so long and it’s always lived up to or exceeded the hype. keep it up friends.a life long customer

  • Vdm

    stupid shit. it’s a not new tech, it’s brain-fuck and non-physics and non – engineering trash, don’t disgrace yourself,guys. Hello from TUM.

  • Björn

    Love those guys for this very reason!