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Tucker Andrews December – New Years Update

Hello everybody. Happy 2011!

Back in December I was riding Crested Butte Mountain resort, we had an insane holiday season packed with tons of powder. La Nina has been showing us mucho love. Some friends and I made some fun POV edits of cruising around the Butte to some of our favorite spots when it gets deep. Last Sunday we received some more snow and 100 % of the mountain opened, I mean everything, it was amazing because that hardly ever happens. No more tickets for me left on my 10 day pass at the resort. I’m on the snowshoe express for now, while I hang around the Butte for a bit longer.

Vol. 1

Vol. 2

Enjoy friends!

For the new year some great friends and I packed up the sleigh and snowmobiled 12 miles out to this amazing cabin tucked way back in the woods. Its normally about a 30 minute ride but when your breaking trail through 5 new feet of snow at 7:00 p.m. and bringing out tons of supplies and putting 2 to 3 people on a sled… we’ll just say it takes about 5 hours. After the journey and everything was up at the cabin the celebrating began, we ate and drank like kings. Totaled 2 nights and 3 days up there. The avy danger was really high so we kept it close to the cabin and made some fun mini boarding features. It was an awesome way to start 2011. Thanks to John, Travis, Spencer and everyone who came along for the ride.

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