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Ride Your Banana in Slovakia!

Lib Tech Slovakian Ripper Matúš Hubka shares some local knowledge from some of his favorite spots in Slovakia.

This was a great season in the Slovakia mountains called Tatras. Its a part of big mountain range called Karpaty the same range as Rumania where Dracula used to live. Its the smallest “alps” in the world, the mountains are only 50km long and 30km wide divided into Low Tatras and High Tatras, I personal prefer Low Tartas. If there is good powder its haven! On the north slopes you can find steep chutes, clifs and very nice tree lines at the end. On the south faces you can ride big open plains just steep enough to make huge powder turns.





The best resort is called Jasna, Chopok. In 25min you can be on the top and in another 10 min of walking you can stand in front of your virgin line. Good to wake up early and be the first one on the lift. That means don’t drink to much of local liqueur Horec, made out of very protected roots of Horec flower. This alcohol makes you very “happy” in the night but very “tired” in the morning as well. Anyway ones you go there you have to try it!

There is pretty cool city where to stay if go to Jasna, Chpok. Liptovsky Mikulas is definitely the place to be during winter season. It has pretty good skatepark, lakes and rivers for fishing and  of course some good party places. If you tired of cities just stay in the ski resort Jasna, Chopok which is only 10km from Liptovsky Mikulas.

So if your over Austrians or French speaking countries, go and check Slovakia! Definitely worthy to check. Its a whole different world!
See you there!

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