Boxes 4 Dayz Japan

By Ted Borland

Well, I’m pretty much blown away by just being in Japan so instead of rambling for days I’ll try to keep it short.  After getting to our hotel at 4 am, we were woken up by Kenji a few hours later to make it to the resort in time. Krush and his gang had put together every box they could find at the resort and the riders lined up all day to try and make it to the end.  The first to make it was a girl named Yoshie, who managed to boardslide the whole thing.  Next was Think Thanker Chris Larson, and then finally Nick Hyne who was able to 5050 bs 180 out – easily the cleanest make of the day.

Afterwards many photos were taken with the stoked Japanese riders, and then most everyone headed to the after party at night.  The next day we ventured into the woods and saw snow monkeys.  I wish I could talk about all of the cool things I’ve seen and done so far in Japan, but there’s just too much to talk about.  Stoked to be here for another week!

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