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Powder and Rails: Jamie Lynn — Part 3 of 4

We have the first ever Powder & Rails love story with a true Mount Hood Timberline romance. We also talk about maintaining integrity through 20 years of snowboarding and get a chance to check out Jamie’s signature Lib Tech snowboards that show up in the mail. Jamie explains that being able to design all the artwork on his pro model equipment is just part of the reason he’s stayed loyal to the same companies for over 15 years.

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  • Kenny B

    Jamie Lynn has always been an inspiration to me as both a rider and artist but also as an innovator of everything that what embodies snowboarding (at least to me). As I have gotten older, unfortunately I have drifted from the sport I once enjoyed doing more than anything else. Its cool to see Jamie look back and what he has accomplished and see the integrity he must have possessed to stay with Lib all these years. His artwork along with many of the Lib Tech artist have inspired me to want stay creative even if I rarely pick up a paintbrush anymore. I’ve never personally met Jamie and probably will not have the fortune, but from afar growing up as a teenager, snowboarding and drawing – this guy captures what its all about. Jamie could easily say that he did it his way and I love that.