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Holy Oly Revival – The Ocho – Video, Photo Gallery & Results

Video by Stan Tech

Photo gallery by Tim Zimmerman

  • NW Method Award- Scotty Whitzle
  • Mayor of Tube City: Forest Bailey
  • Future of NW Shred Award: Bart Pattittuchi
  • Highest Air: Jay Kelly
  • Jean Claude Land-Am: Stephan Krumm
  • Holy Diver: Dan Manning
  • Best Trick: Matt Wainhouse (frontside 900 tail grab)
  • Where you been: Allister Schultz
  • Holiest of the Holy: Manuel Diaz

International Coverage!


Categories: Holy Oly, Jason Robinson, Jesse Burtner, Mark Landvik, Matt Cummins, Scott Witsil, Tucker Andrews

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