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Ask Travis Rice Questions about "The Art of FLIGHT"

Hey Lib Fans, we are working on the new Lib Techno Zine vol. 7! and we are interviewing Travis Rice about his movie project “The Art of FLIGHT”.
The Art of FLIGHT
If you’ve got any good questions you would like to get answered about FLIGHT, just comment below or on our Facebook Fan Page and we will pick the best questions to send to him.

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  • Sonn From PNW

    Travis, When your out there in downtime in the mountains waiting for the weather to clear, what goes through your mind? Do you ever get nervous about certain trips?

  • Travis, how do you transfer your snowboard skills to other sports? Do you long board skateboard hills or lines that are nearly as aggressive as the ones you ride on snow? (minus the freestyle airs of course..) Rock & Roll.

  • Lindsey

    Hey there!! Will there be any theatre’s showing Flight? It would be amazing to see to see it on a big screen! Thanks!