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Rhythm’n Bruise

First Annual Rhythm and Bruise


As a friend of the organizers of this event, I have been privy to all the planning, organization and inside information surrounding the First Annual Rhythm and Bruise rhythm section contest at White Pass for quite some time. Even still, the vision I had in my head of a BMX style, technically challenging albeit somewhat mellow course through a couple turns and over a motorcross style tabletop at the end so the finisher could do the obligatory grasser with his (or her) index finger pointed at the heavens was one that I had previously had a hard time shaking until the first emails from the building team started coming in. I had no doubt that this event was going to be cool, and much like the first time you see a boob, you really have no idea how great it will be until you see pictures of it on the internet.

Event info from George Crosland


1st Kent Callister
2nd Austin Hironaka
3rd Ben Hammer
4th Brice Niebuhr
5th Hunter Burks

1st Carrie Uren
2nd Mia Abbett
3rd Hannah Hammer

AM 1 (18-29)
1st Cory Elliff
2nd Mikey Swearingen
3rd Jesse Gouveia
4th Justin Packard
5th Kraemer Rickman

AM 2 (13-17)
1st Jacob Krugmire
2nd Connelly Brooks
3rd Vaughan Gilmore
4th Noah Staley

1st Johan Malkoski
2nd Mike Cummins
3rd Dave Wray
4th Bryan Rushforth

EXPERT (30-39)
1st Kris Melton
2nd Travis Thompson
3rd Matt Roder
4th Tate Vasey

GROM (12 and under)
1st Milo Malkoski
2nd Seth Berry

1st Jesse Thrasher
2nd Casey Cannon
3rd Zach Mahre
4th Tyler Forman

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  • catsanova

    hopefully theyll be one next year!