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Timy Dutton Speaks Out on Climate Change for Protect Our Winters

Timy Dutton traveled to McQueen High School in Reno, NV to host a presentation on climate change for Protect Our Winter’s Hot Planet/Cool Athletes. As one who makes a living in snow, Tim shared his unique climate perspective with a couple hundred 11th and 12th graders, most of whom ski and snowboard.

The presentation kicked off with an edit of Timy’s skiing antics in snowy locales around the world, but the picture he conveyed to the students was poignant: Waiting for weeks to compete in a rainy Sochi or throwing the obligatory 60 footer to bullet-proof to podium on the World Tour pale in comparison to what’s ahead if we don’t take action to reduce carbon emissions. In addition to riding his bike instead of driving, carrying a re-useable water bottle, and recycling, Timy is doing his part by using his snow sport star to influence future climate leaders and inspire skiers and riders to protect where they play.

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