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– FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

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Front Yard Action

We just saw this shot on Skate and Annoy, Micah Breshears on the Lib Tech Bowlrider Deck ripping on his Mini Ramp!

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  • That’s not me, I’m just the post author. The skater is Micah Breshears.

  • My name is Micah Breshears, I’m 31 years young and work as a AASI level 2 certified snowboard instructor in the winter. Magnetraction is my new religion! Anyways that is me slashing my 3ft. mini ramp I built out of used materials, no more procrastinating even if it’s raining. I used to skate Libs back in 99′ in the Seattle streets and did my highest ollies and best tech stuff due to the incredible pop. I never forgot how much I loved their decks, so upon checking specs, a bowlrider was a no brainer. With Lib-Tech, you get your moneys worth,trust mervin manufacturing!

  • P

    Hell yeah!!!! Rip that mini up Micah!!!

  • Angie

    I always knew one day I would see your name out there in the industry! Way to go Micah, all the best to you!