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Snowboard Mag’s Platinum Pick: Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro C2BTX

As seen in the Snowboard Magazine Buyers Guide:
Seriously, do we really need to tell you why we chose Travis Rice’s board for a Platinum Pick? Do we need to explain what Magne-Traction is? Should we remind you how to ride a bike while we’re at it? For arguments sake, and for those of you who have been showing up late to class, here’s what you need to know about the T.Rice Pro with C2BTX. One, Travis demands a lot from his board, and this board delivers. Two, C2BTX refers to the hybrid Banana/Camber board profile in conjunction with Magne-Traction; this is likely the most powerful hybrid available that still maintains super bounce and float in pow. Three, it’s available in numerous sizes and shapes. On the smaller end the board caters to park riding and on the longer end has a pointy nose and tail for supernatural powder performance, beyond the bizarre. Four, this is the same board that brought you “That’s it, That’s All” and is going to bring you “The Art of Flight” this season. Five, it improves your quality of life, even in the off season this has much to do with the transcendental heroics you’ll be experiencing all winter which you will be recalling on a daily basis in the off months. You will either choose to understand what has been outlined here, or you will fail Snowboarding 101.

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro C2BTX

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro C2BTX Horsepower

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