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The Rascals Teaser

Last year Mt. Baker had one of the deepest snow years in history, and Scotty Whittlake was there to ride and document it, living the Glacier Washington dream. The Rascals is a film project produced and filmed by Scotty and Bryan Fox, and it’s definitely a refreshing lo-fi offering riddled with classic super 8 footage and POV powder lines that leaves you wanting more. If this movie doesn’t make you want to quit your job and become a powder bum, I don’t know what will… The flick is available as an extra in Videograss’s Retrospect, so pick up a copy today.

Starring: Scotty Whittlake, Bryan Fox, Forrest Burki, Shaun Mckay, Pat McCarthy, Matt Edgers, Jake Blauveldt and more.

Scotty rides the La Nina MC

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