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Smash Life Alpental 2012

Ripping in Memory of Aaron Robinson. The second Smash Life Banked Slalom of the season took place at Alpental on Saturday January 21st.


By Ryan Wilson

After being snowed in at Crystal Mtn for three days we woke early and hit the highway to see the carnage that had crippled the Cascades over the past week. With 5 feet of snow in 6 days riders were taking POW laps to warm up for the afternoon event. Fellow Montanan, Joe Pope started it off with some words about Aaron and the format for the slalom. Which was to bottom line “Smash Life, have fun, and rip for A-Rob.” Event Organizer Shane Stalling started it off with a run, cheers from the crowd, and a snowball to the face. As the riders worked their way down the course, some took off for powder runs while others sat back and watched the snow fall awaiting their turn. Word on the hill was Kevin Fisher threw a front flip on course and braved the judges by throwing a slasher turn at the finish line to blind the crowd. Trains were run, some young ripper ran the course, and most of all everyone celebrated life on the hill in true A-Rob fashion. Make sure to check out the Manifest Movie and Love life.

Thanks to all the sponsors that brought the event to Alpental and to those that helped fund the A-Rob Plant a Seed Foundation.


1 – Thadius Hukari (53.53)
2 – Marcel Dolak (53.89)
3 – Jacob Krugmire (54.00)
4 – Jay Kelly (54.24)
5 – Michael Anderson (54.83)
6 – Riley Goodwin (55.08)
7 – Paul Stanley (55.28)
8 – Morgan Herbert (55.40)
9 – Daniel Sandberg (55.49)
10 – Nicolas Dometrio (55.54)

1 – Robyn Borneman (1:00.14)
2 – Kayla Kobelin (1:00.85)
3 – Kari Hoss (1:02.28)
4 – Mallary Sullivan (1:03.59)

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