Kent Callister Completes the Sweep, Wins Snowboard Pipe at the Gatorade Free Flow Tour

The snowboard world is now officially on notice. The name Kent Callister is one that will come to be known more and more over the next few seasons. The 16-year-old scored his second win in a 24 hour span, pairing Saturday’s slopestyle win with a superpipe championship on Sunday, in the process becoming the first competitor to ever win 2 championships in a single Gatorade Free Flow Tour season.

Dropping in for his first run, Callister immediately caught the attention of the fans and judges with a monster backside air on his first hit. From there, he threw down the gauntlet, landing a frontside 1080 on his 2nd wall. The rest of his run was stellar as well, executing a Haakon flip, frontside 720, frontside 900, into a backside 900, then wrapping it up with a crippler.

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