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The 2012 Legendary Banked Slalom

The 2012 Legendary Banked Slalom went off again for the 27th year in a row! Most of the Lib Tech Rippers were there trying to bring home some precious duct tape home. The course got real dicey on Sunday the day of finals, a random racer summed it up nicely, “It’s a god damn rodeo out there…a pissed off bucking bronco. Who ever stays on their feet is going to win this thing.” In the end we all had a blast and bought home a couple silver duct tape trophies and some Pendelton blankets! Thanks to the Howats, all of the LBS crew, racers and spectators.

Photo Gallery:

“The Banked Slalom has more smiles than a hollywood dentist convention.”
-Scott Sullivan


Lib Ripper Results:
2nd Place! Cody Warble (1:39.69)

Men’s Pro:
5th Place! Blair Habenicht (1:27.20)
11th Place! Jason Robinson (1:29.62)
14th Place! Tucker Andrews (1:30.30)
17th Place! Sammy Luebke (1:32.29)

Mid Masters:
2nd Place! Mike Cummins (1:38.14)

Fakie Contest:
2nd Place! Travis Rice

Official results here:

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