Keep a Breast Snow Show

Some of Seattle’s best artists including Lib Tech’s Quincy Quigg got to  paint breast casts of the world’s top female snow athletes, all for a  good cause. If your in Seattle check out the show Friday Aug. 10th.

A  Breast Cast Exhibition featuring breast casts of the worlds top female  snowboarders and skiers painted by some of Seattle’s best artists  including 179, 13fngrs, Autumn Adams, Carlos Aguilar, Curtis Ashby  (CASH), EGO, Jeremy N Gregory, Kyle MayNerd Lunneborg, Augie Pagan, John  Osgood, Clifton Yatez (Pgee), Quincy Quigg, Mat Savage, Kevin  Senseitwentythree Sullivan, Sly Cooley, Solace, Matt Spinney, Siolo  Thompson, Margaux Arramon Tucco, Joe Vollan, Redd Walitzki, Jeff  “Weirdo” Jacobson, and Luke Yates.

Sneak Peak of Quincy’s Piece:

Categories: Quincy Quigg, Snow


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