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Powder Mags Skier Choice Award: Lib Tech’s Fully Functional Five

Lib Tech’s Fully Functional Five Review:
The FF5 was the ski that surprised me the most out of the entire week. The Fully Functional Five describes the five points of shape that the ski has, which resembles that of a JJ or S7, but that is were the similarities end. Due to its tapered tip and tail, the ski has an extremely light swing weight that makes it easy to initiate turns even in the deepest pow. In the 185cm length that I tested, the ski had a 117mm waist, which sounds a little on the wide side but with a 16.5m turn radius, this ski can carve up the trail like a butcher. This ski uses Lib Tech’s signature technology called Magne-Traction, but in a modified version called “Mini-Mag” designed specifically for the FF5. The FF5’s light tips and tails, hand-laid stability, and Mini-Mag make this ski insanely fun to ski in two feet of pow and rip down lift line all in the same run. – Ryan Rubino


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