Lib Tech’s Scotty Wittlake gets Elite Silver at the Dirksen Derby!

Lib Tech’s Scotty Wittlake a Derby Elite, took a second place finish, and won a coveted Dirksen Derby wizard staff topped with a silver glove at this weekend’s 6th annual Dirksen Derby in Mt Bachelor, OR a slalom race charity event put on by Josh Dirksen with all proceeds benefiting Tyler Eklund. Scotty had only been on the hill once this season before heading to the race, but still ripped his way to the podium, as a Silver Elite of the Derby Elites!

Congratulations Scotty!

Check out the full list of contest result at

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Check out The 2012 Dirksen Derby video via YoBeat:

Tyler Eklund in the Dirksen Derby – Photo by Andy Tullis
Tyler Eklund in the Dirksen Derby

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