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Ultra Natural: Day 2

Day 2 from Red Bull Ultra Natural at Baldface Lodge in Nelson, BC Canada on February 15th, 2013

Photos and words by Tim Zimmerman

Friday morning started with bacon, beacon checks and an avalanche safety briefing. Once that was out of the way we split into groups of 12 & headed out in Baldface’s 4 snowcats to find some snow to schralp. After a warm up lap we headed to the venue to check out the course. It’s hard to put into words how gnarly the course actually is in person. There are some things that just don’t translate in photos & videos and the steepness of that slope and size of the features are two of those things. Travis Rice & Jeff Pensiero were at the venue all day answering questions about the course and offering advice about the new and old features.

Once everyone had a good look at the course and lower jumps from a couple of angles we got a another free shred lap in that ended with the group assembling at Craig’s Cross & shredding down to the lodge. Seeding for the event was decided by a timed series of lumberjack inspired tasks that Travis came up with. Riders had to carry a 50lb log up a slope, cut a 6″ end off another log with a hand saw and then hammer a 9 inch nail into a stump. You could knock seconds off your time by doing well in the axe throw. Terje Haakonsen claimed a shoulder injury and had Lee Usher, (head of safety at Baldface and lead lumberjack that built the Red Bull Ultra Natural course) pinch hit for him. Lee took down all the kids and gave Terje the first pick of where to go in the start order on event day. Wolle Nyvelt came in a close 2nd.


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