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FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

New Spring Skates!

After months of darkness and wet concrete, a luminous orb has broken through the NW overcast skies, drying the streets and signaling to Lib Tech Skateboard Division the time to release their 2013 line-up. Lib Tech 2013 skateboards and newest street gear are now available in stores and online, all products can be previewed at

New Spring Skates!

Lib Tech’s fresh offering in 2013 is a standard, this just released low priced Hesho Disposable Standards deck is made with the traditional 7 ply and has ‘One good Ollie guaranteed!’.  Mount one up, ride it… snap it, and buy another, they are disposable!  (Please recycle) Hesho is made near Mexico in the USA with ecologically harvested Hardrock Maple from Wisconsin, and environmentally friendly lamination.

The newest art by Jamie Lynn, Mike Parillo, and Quincy Quigg can be seen on the ever-enduring Lib Tech Exo-Skeletech Construction decks. Both the Pickled Maple Bottoms and Plastihide Semi-Slicks are built to last, layered with carbon and fiberglass on the inside for long lasting record breaking pop, and include Anti Razor Tail Technology a rugged UHMW tip and tail with end grain birch maximize pop and minimize razoring. These boards built one at a time by skateboarders at Mervin, the worlds most environMENTAL board factory.


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