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– FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

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5’8″ Bowl Review by Oregon Ripper Laird Tuel

I like how fast the surfboard is, I also like the feel of it. It paddles like an epoxy board and it is really buoyant, but when your on the wave it feels like a poly. And the pop is incredible, but by far the coolest thing about the Lib Tech surfboard is the deck, its so strong that it doesn’t get pressure dents from where my foot goes. It’s the first surfboard with fcs fins I’ve ever had that I haven’t stomped out the plugs within a few sessions! – Laird Tuel Oregon Ripper

Parking was not an option so Laird Tuel settled for carves and airs at this glassy central coast beachie. Photo By Jed Werner

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