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Lib Leg – Colorado

Lib Tech Skateboards is loving this summer of hot, sweaty Legs! The next one goes down August 13-16 on the ColoRADo Front Range with Lib Rippers Sky Siljeg, Mikey Swearingen, Chad Fenlon, Edwin Swagerty and Mikee O’Friel.

Lib Leg - Colorado

Come check out our new limited edition Colorado Leg decks, skate with the team, grab a Jones Soda and a sticker and maybe even push home with a new deck, hat or t-shirt…bitchin’!

The Colorado Leg decks will be online at libtech1415.wpengine.com and locally at Big Hit in Breckenridge and Gravitee at Copper Mountain.

Follow along with the tour on Instagram @libtechnologies #liblegs

Loose schedule:

Tuesday, August 13 – Memorial Park – Colorado Springs

Wednesday, August 14 – Denver Skatepark – Denver

Thursday, August 15 – Arvada Skatepark – Arvada

Friday, August 16 – Boulder Skatepark – Boulder

Starts around noon each day!


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