Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Nude Bowl Giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

Lib Leg – Vancouver

Lib Tech’s summer of hot, sweaty Legs kicked off in Vancouver, BC with a crew of Sky Siljeg, Mikey “Lil’ Swayze” Swearingen, Chad Fenlon and Rion Linderman along with photog Tim Zimmerman, filmers Sean Lucey and Pika Burtner, Lib TM Jesse Burtner and Leg Organizer-Guy Krush. After some minor detainment at the border crossing we made it to Chuck Bailey Skatepark in Surrey where we met up with Lib rep Chris Leigh and Scott from Coastal Riders. Chris brought the new box of Vancouver Leg decks and they were looking sweet…Quincy Quigg nailed it with severed fingers, flies and prison tats! After the guys set up there decks they went to work ripping tranny lines throughout the park. CB has great features and the covered bowl section rules for shade on a hot day or dry ‘crete in the winter. The BC Lions pro football team was practicing in the field next to the park and a few of the dudes stopped by to watch after practice. After a quick visit to Coastal Riders and some grub next door Scott led us to this crazy boat frame thing out in the woods that was sketchy as shit, but with a few well placed traffic signs and a sheet of plywood Sky and The Chad were able to each get a shot as the sun went down.

2013 Vancouver Leg Skateboard

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“If you mess with us you’re going to get
all your fingers cut off.” – Quincy Quigg

Day two found us meeting up with John and Ryan from The Boardroom as we sessioned the legendary Hastings Bowl in North Van. Hastings has great graffiti and great lines that Sky and Mikey killed all afternoon. Rion threw McTwists in the deep end and The Chad boosted frontside airs and long 5-0 grinds. After a well deserved break we headed over to the Leeside Tunnel, Vancouver’s epic DIY spot. Everybody was hyped to be out of the sun and the session ran on for hours to finish another great day in Vancouver.

The next day we cruised over to Bonsor Skatepark with it’s fullpipe and some lacquer-starved pool coping. Chris Leigh pulled out the BBQ grill for an impromptu hot dog lunch for all the kids at the park. A full cooler of Jones Soda was also quickly emptied as the guys went to work on the bowl section of the park. Everyone got shots and we got a visit from Lib Snowboarder and epic Canadian Chris Rasman. After the session we somehow drove a train of 4 cars across town at rush hour to The Boardroom. The shop is huge and has an amazing selection of Bitchin’ boards, shoes, clothes and whatever you need. Just down the block was a great Mexican joint that filled our stomachs and quenched our thirsts.

Something about Americans
eating Mexican food in Canada
that just seems right.

The final day we headed to West Van to Gleneagles Skatepark. Another great BC skatepark with absolutely no crowds mid-week. Everybody burned the last of the energy they had grabbing a few more shots. The Chad fell hard but after a quick visit from a couple emt’s from the conveniently located Fire Dept next door he was good to go. We finished the day with some Subway down by the Ferry Terminal and headed back to the States with a few scabs, a grip of rad stories, some new friends and some great shots. Huge props to Scott and Coastal Riders, John & Ryan from The Boardroom, all the skaters we met and Chris Leigh for showing us around his zone for the week…we can’t wait to get back up north!

While you’re at it, check out Lib Tech’s Lords of Seatown benefiting Seattle’s DIY Marginal Way Skatepark.

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