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Ryan Carlson Doesn’t Break Surfboards Anymore!

Ryan Carlson on his 6'2 bowl, Photo by Joe Foster.

Ryan Carlson on his 6’2 bowl, Photo by Joe Foster.

You can get any surfboard you want.  Why are you riding a Lib Tech Waterboard?

I like what you guys got going! The boards work insane. The technology is like nothing I’ve ever seen in the water. To top it off you guys are pushing a product that is not bad for our environment. I’m a father, a surfer, I love fishing and hunting as well I’m all about keeping our planet clean. I’m not a hippie, just another guy that cares about our planet and wants my kids and their kids to enjoy it like we all have.

Has your surfing changed since you switched from surfboards to Waterboards?

The boards have a lot of pop from there flex and the rockers are really good for spinning fast and surfing in the pocket.  I love how strong these are I haven’t even put a pressure ding in my board yet. I’m impressed, I’ve stomped some airs that normally would have snapped some boards.

Waterboards are tough and make travel boards whether you are traveling out your front door or across the world.  Have you had any creases or dings or noticed any slip in the performance as you get more and more sessions on the same Waterboard?

I’m looking forward to seeing how long my boards last. Having a good board that lasts is pretty rare for me. I surf a lot of closed out shore break at home so I have always broken a lot of boards.

Has their been any negative psychological effects from your Waterboarding experiences?

Nothing but positive. I like what’s going on

Why do you think the international media been so worked up about Waterboarding?

Anyone that cares about surfing and our planet will be on one eventually. Waterboards will change the way surf boards are made forever. I’m sure the industry/media is going to catch on if they haven’t already.

Ryan Carlson on his 6'2 bowl, Photo by Joe Foster.

Ryan Carlson on his 6’2 bowl, Photo by Joe Foster.

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