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  • Slippery Racing Wax - N/A

Slippery Racing Wax

All temperature wax 85 g

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  • Sizes OSFA

All temperature hybrid with JUICE added for extra acceleration and top end speeds in all conditions, hot Wax or rub onto your Banana. Made in the USA

  • Eric Davis

    So there are 2 versions of this same wax, one comes in a “tin” container, and this one which looks like it comes in a plastic container…whats the deal with the elusive tin version? Does it exist? If so, why is it so hard to find? I think the wax in the tin gives you more JUICE that the wax in the plastic…just my opinion.

  • I wasn’t aware this was available in two varieties!
    I’m sorry to hear the plastic isn’t as JUICY…I’m guessing our wax supplier switched containers.
    I’ll try and do some investigating.

  • Eric Davis

    Lol, cool.
    I prefer the TIN variation cause it seems more like a collectable container, verses the plastic.