Bent Metal + Karakoram Split Tail Hunter

  • Bent Metal + Karakoram Split Tail Hunter - S, M, L

No Compromise.

$699.95 USD

  • Rider Type: Backcountry Splitboard Fans
  • Flex: 8
  • Sizes:
    S (US M 6-8), (US W 7-9), (MP 24-26)
    M (US M 8.5-11), (MP 26-29)
    L (US M 11.5-14), (MP 29-32)

A splitboard should ride like a solid snowboard and tour like the best AT setup – no compromises. The Split Tail Hunter firmly joins your splitboard together giving you unmatched riding performance and board feel. Quickly change over from riding to touring (or touring to riding) with the flip of a lever.



  • Karakoram Interface

    A key enhancement you will appreciate is the increased performance of your splitboard by mechanically pulling of the two sides of your board together through the latches and precision fastening fit of the binding creating singular board performance from a splitboard construction to ride not only well in the backcountry but inbounds on the groomers as well.

  • New! Ride-Stride Forward Lean

  • NEW! Highback

    Air Flow design for optimized strength to weight ratio, Power Strap Slots.

  • Ride Mode Interface

    Five attachment points create solid connection between binding and Ride Mode Interface. Heel Stay Pins push through attachment loops driving snow and ice build-up out of the way.

  • Tour Mode Interface

    Wide support cradle increase tour mode rigidity. Offset cradle allows snow to clear during entry. Tour Mode clip locks binding’s sleeved touring pin in cradle for the most secure touring connection possible.

  • Tour Mode Axle System

    The Tour Mode Axle System has independent sleeves that rotate freely on a fixed through axle (similar to a bike axle) for the stiffest and smoothest touring pivot

  • Heel Lock Down

    Lock heel down on the fly for skating out of flats, traversing, and side stepping. Engage with lever on heel stay. Integrated into dual height riser base.

  • Dual Height Risers

    Adjust your riser angle with Dual Risers.  70mm climbing wire comes standard. Optional 55mm climbing wires available. Integrated heel lock down.

  • Heel Lever

    Quick release lever allows for quick and easy attachment or removal of binding to the Ride Mode Interface. No more bare hands fumbling with pins in the cold.

  • Baseplate

    Precision CNC machined parts have all the unnecessary material removed to create the lightest splitboard binding available.

  • The “Toe Gap” Rollover Toe Strap

    Toe strap can be ridden on tip or rolled over on toe. Split “Toe Gap” locks on and locks you in.

  • Asymmetric Ankle Strap

    Asymmetric design adds extra support laterally and increased tweakmobility. Inverse seam construction with EVA padding for maximum comfort.


We can make something that's going to ride like a normal snowboard.

- Bryce Kloster


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