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– FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

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  • Bitchin’ Skateboard - 8.75" x 33"


Bitchin' Board Builders

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Made in the USA Near Canada!
We Pickled maple in epoxy giving it even more pop and making it even tougher. A layer of Pickled maple is laminated to our world record setting Exo-Skeletech construction. Great maple slide, epoxy tough, less weight, unbelievable pop!

Board Specs

Width Length Wheelbase Nose Length Tail Length Concave
8.75" 33" 15" 6.5" 7"" Med (7/16")
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Exo-Skeletech Construction

  • Hard and rugged on the outside, light and lively on the inside.
  • Carbon springs: Carbon and fiberglass layers on the inside for long lasting record breaking pop.
  • Anti Razor Tail Technology: Rugged UHMW tip and tail with end grain birch maximize pop and minimize razoring.
  • Bitchin’ Board Builders. Built one at a time by skateboarders.
  • Mervin the worlds most environMENTAL board factory.

Technologically tougher

Epoxy Lamination System

Holding it all together

  • Strong
  • Poppy
  • Low VOC
  • environMENTALLY friendly
  • Long lasting
Epoxy Pickled Maple Top & Bottom

Outside (EXO)

  • Tough
  • Poppy
Birch Sidewall

Outside (Exo)

  • Tough
  • Poppy
Endgrain Birch Nose & Tail

Outside (Exo)

  • Tough
  • Poppy
Vertically Laminated Aspen Central Core


  • Lightweight
  • Poppy
  • environMENTALLY friendly
Biax Fiberglass Top & Bottom


  • Strong
  • Poppy
  • James

    (On the Bitchin’ Skate board deck)…Is the Tip Flat, or the Tail Flat…?
    Why is it this shape…??? What’s the idea behind this shape???