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  • Infinity Wave Skateboard - 7.5" x 28.0"

Infinity Wave

Made in the USA near Mexico

$90.95 USD

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€129.95 EUR incl. VAT

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  • Sizes:7.5" x 28.0"

No one does mountain wave like Lib Tech! Ride the infinite concrete wave on this sick sidewalk surfer featuring 7 plys of ecologically harvested maple from Wisconsin and art from the legend himself, Jamie Lynn.

Wheels – 59mm 80A Durometer
Risers –  1/4”
Trucks – 5″ Slant

Board Specs

Width Length Wheelbase Nose Length Tail Length Concave
7.5" 28.0" " " "
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HESHO Disposible Construction

  • 7 Plys Environmentally harvested Hardrock Maple from Wisconsin.
  • Environmentally friendly lamination.
  • One good Ollie guaranteed.
  • Hesho near Mexico in the USA.
  • Great Price!
  • Allan

    “hesho near Mexico in the USA”.

    (hesho)…you are funny 😉

  • Haha we think we’re pretty hilarious, so we’re happy to hear you think so too.
    Thanks Allan!