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  • MC VW Skateboard - 9.0" x 34"


Made in the USA near Mexico

$179.95 USD

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€179.95 EUR incl. VAT

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  • Sizes:9.0" x 34"

The MC VW is as fun and loose as a old VW pop top on a windy road. Long enough to tackle high speeds and enough kick to keep it interesting. Featuring one of the most the classic and beloved Matt Cummins Lib Tech graphics ever!

Wheels – 63mm 80A Durometer
Risers –  1/8”
Trucks – 150mm Inverted

Board Specs

Width Length Wheelbase Nose Length Tail Length Concave
9.0" 34" " " "
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HESHO Disposible Construction

  • 7 Plys Environmentally harvested Hardrock Maple from Wisconsin.
  • Environmentally friendly lamination.
  • One good Ollie guaranteed.
  • Hesho near Mexico in the USA.
  • Great Price!