Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 – Excluding Surfboards

Round Nose Fish Redux Giveaway | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

  • Rat Tail Skateboard - 9.25" x 32.5"

Rat Tail

Made in the USA near Canada

$74.95 USD

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€89.99 EUR incl. VAT

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Free shipping over €75

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Life is better with a Rat Tail skateboard, so says Jamie Lynn. So when he shaved his off he had to make this board to keep the good times going. Jamie’s thoroughly tested Rat Tail is currently on it’s 58th skatepark in the last two months, holding strong, delivering head high frontside airs and showing the young dogs that this rat’s got bite. 9.25″ width for high speed stability and art by the man himself. And of course made Technologically Tougher with our Exo-Skeletech construction.

Art by Jamie Lynn

Board Specs

Width Length Wheelbase Nose Length Tail Length Concave
9.25" 32.5" 15" 7-1/4" 7-1/4" 7/16"
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Cockroach Construction

  • Last Longer
  • Pop Higher
  • Eco Friendly

The craftsmen at Mervin MFG. love skateboarding and building / riding the world’s best boards. Lib Tech skateboards and Cockroach construction are the result of 30 years of composite experimentation and testing. Our skates are radically different than any other skateboard on the market. Built in the USA one at a time by skateboarders using 52 strategically selected components, each board is like a giant cockroach with a tough unsquashable “exo-skeleton” on the outside that includes a poppy fiberglass spine and softer, light, poppy wood encased inside. All 52 components are hand laminated and fused together under heat and pressure using a rugged poppy safe to use low VOC epoxy resin system. Cockroach construction is the longest lasting, highest popping construction money can buy…when it all ends there will be two things left on earth… cockroaches and Lib Tech skates.

You Can’t Kill the Roach

Exo-Skeleton (Outside):

  • 1Rugged end grain Birch and rugged UHMW “anti razor tail” blocks
  • 2Impact resistant Birch outer rail wood

Guts (Inside):

  • 3Light poppy renewable vertically laminated aspen inner core
  • 4Bi-Ax fiber pop enhancement spine

Holding It All Together

  • 5Poppy, tough, environMENTALly friendly, low VOC epoxy resin system