Jesse Burtner

Home Mountain: Snoqualmie Pass, WA

Sponsors: Lib Technologies, Think Thank, POW

Jib the world with abstract freestyle snowboarding (in the search for Moby Trick).

Jesse Burtner is commonly known as the first rider to think of the “Quad Cork” and patent it so that someday he will collect a royalty every time it’s performed and be rich and famous.  Until then he is set on filming Think Thank video parts and trying to keep that feeling of being a little kid that snowboarding gives you. Always with an open mind and usually with an open jacket Jesse cruises around with Pika and the Think Thank crew trying to find the most fun and bizarre things you can ride a Box Scratcher on, which is pretty much anything and everything.  Creative snowboarding, creative living, creating movies and a creative Pika for a wife, Burtner’s got it made!

Personal Website

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