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Ted Borland

Home Mountain: Brighton, UT

Sponsors: Lib Technologies, Cobra Dogs, Think Thank

Jibbing, bonking, pressing, slashing from the streets to the peaks

Ted “BundyVision” Borland aka Big Smooth aka Borlando Bloom is big and a pretty big deal.  He’s the president of The Lunch Ramp Gang, Vice Enforcer of the High Cascade Diggers, team Ween Cobra Dog club pro, Executive Pizza Chef at Spidellis, Mayor of The Bonezone and a Lib Ripper from head to toe.  From Massachusetts to Salt Lake City this Skunk Ape sized Box Scratcher amazes with fluidity, style and technical prowess that few others can claim.  An especially lethal combination for the vertically endowed, Ted’s tall smooth style and deep bag of tricks come together perfectly in his banger Think Thank video parts just like the flavors in his signature Pizza at Spedellis:  chicken, banana peppers, artichoke hearts, etc, etc……..

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