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Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 *Excluding Surfboards

Bus in da Barrel giveaway! – FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75

  • Banana Magic Snowboard - 152, 154, 157, 158W, 161, 162W

Banana Magic





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Mike Olson’s daily driver, art by Quincy Quigg. Olson’s poppy experiMENTAL carbon web version of FP construction combined with his secret formula of “enhanced” Banana Tech, a deep carving sidecut make this one an absolutely magical ride. Incredible edge grip and carving on ice and hardpack, unreal float in powder, effortless jibbing and smooth stability at speed… fantasy realized.


Art by Quincy Quigg

La board quotidienne de Mike Olson, graphisme de Quincy Quigg. La version experiMENTAL en carbone de la construction FP combinée à sa formule secrète «améliorée » de la Banana Tech et à une ligne de côte profonde pour le carving, en font une board absolument magique. Une accroche incomparable sur la glace et la neige dure, une flottaison inégalable sur la poudreuse, du jib sans efforts et une stabilité parfaite à haute vitesse… un fantasme devenu réalité.


Artiste Quincy Quigg

Mike Olsons tägliche Begleitung mit Graphics von Quincy Quigg. Olsons poppige experiMENTAL Carbon-Version der FP-Konstruktion in Kombination mit seinem geheimem Rezept für verbesserte Banana-Tech und tiefem Carving-Sidecut verleihen diesem Board fast magische Fahreigenschaften. Unglaublicher Kantenhalt selbst auf Hardpack und Eis, unvergleichlicher Auftrieb im Powder, müheloses Jibben und solide Stabilität bei hohen Geschwindigkeiten – ein Traum wird wahr…


Grafik von Quincy Quigg

La tabla diaria de Mike Olson con gráficos de Quincy Quigg. La versión experiMENTAL de carbono de Olson con construcción FP combinada con una fórmula secreta Banana Tech y un canto efectivo marcado. Su diseño mágico te ofrece un agarre total de los cantos sobre el hielo o la nieve dura, una flotabilidad sin esfuerzo sobre nieve polvo, un jibbing cómodo y una estabilidad fluida a alta velocidad… fantasía hecha realidad.


Gráficos de Quincy Quigg

Banana Magic Info Graphic

Board Specs

Size Contact
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
152 114 7 29.6 25.1 29.6 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 110 +
154 117 7 29.8 25.2 29.8 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 115 +
157 120 7 30.1 25.4 30.1 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 120 +
158W 120 7 31.1 26.4 31.1 20.25"-25" / 0" 6 125 +
161 123 7 30.6 25.5 30.6 20.25"-25" / 0" 6.5 135 +
162W 123 7 31.6 26.5 31.6 20.25"-25" / 0" 6.5 145 +
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Banana Magic Construction
  • Florian Redemund

    Which size should i take? I´m 5.11 and 170 ponds, boot size 11, preferred riding powder!

  • Cameron BaSaing

    Sounds like you should ride the 157 if they had it in wide but you’d be better off on the 158W because of your size 11 boots. Also width will help with riding through pow.

  • If you have really compact boots, you may be able to squeak by with a standard width–but you’ll probably be most stoked on the 158W or 162W for powder riding.
    The 158W will feel more playful, maneuverable versatile for riding in any conditions, while the 162W will be gloriously floaty in deep snow and a bit more powerful and stable at speeds.

  • Patrick

    6-3 – 220lbs with size 13. Can I ride the 162W? I want an all mountain ripper that work in all conditions in PAC NW. Skunk sounds a like it steers a little slow. I like to keep up with anyone but also like something quick when I slow it down and jam some fun in. What board should I consider??

  • Lairi

    Which is the best size for women 5.65 and 132 pounds, boot size 8-9, all mountain?

  • Mark S

    I recently purchased a banana magic 152 as a park/go through tight trees/all mountain based on all i have heard about them. i have been riding a burton easy livin 155 the one with the alpine stealie on it. upon receiving the board, my stoke was a little choked when it appeared to have very little rocker from what I was expecting out of an enhanced !BTX!. To sit it flat and balance the middle, there is only about an 1/8th inch of clearance between the flat surface and the tip and tail of the board. Making it seem to be more of a flat board rather than an enhanced rocker. I went to my local board shop to try to find a board to compare it to, and while they did not have a banana magic they did have a standard BTX. Both in LIB tech and GNU. the standard BTX appeared to have more rocker than my !BTX!. The closest Mervin authorized dealer is 80miles away, making it rather difficult to make a warranty claim. If there is any further help or information you can give me to address this it would be much appreciated. This is my first LIB tech purchase and much of my decision was based upon board technology and the fact that you manufacture in America!!!!


  • Adrian Gonzalez

    I’m 5 10 and 167lbs and were a size 10 boot. what would be a good board size and should a get a wide board or standard one? and what would be a good all mountain board?

  • Andrew

    5’7″ 145lbs boot 10.5. i live in europe and got a 150 T Rice pro, Now i need a powder board for heliboarding, can you please reccomend a good one, i dont really know what size or flex i need considering in the states i just did park. thanks

  • 152 will be great!

    Another option would be to check out Gnu Snowboards–built in the same factory, using a lot of the same technologies and materials. But Gnu offers an entire line of women-specific boards!

  • Yes! You shouldn’t have any trouble with the 162W!
    Another option would be the T-Rice Pro in 161.5W

  • Hi Mark,
    Our apologies for the delay–wintertime can be pretty busy at our headquarters and sometimes our response time is a lot slower than we would like. But we appreciate your support and we want you to be 100% stoked!

    Here is a link to our warranty page, if you haven’t located it already:

  • With size 10 boots you will not need a wide board–the 154 or 157 would both work beautifully for you.
    The 154 will feel a bit more maneuverable and freestyle-friendly, whereas the 157 will feel a bit more solid and powder-friendly.

  • Hi Andrew,
    The Banana magic 152 could be a really solid and floaty option!
    But you may want to consider something a more directional for powder, as it will be much easier to stay afloat!

    Check out the Gnu Space Out 153–Gnu boards are built in the same factory, by the same masterminds as Lib Tech using a lot of the same technologies and materials. I think the Space Out might be the ultimate powder board for your heli trip!

  • Calin Vama

    Guys, I’m a 5’6″ and 132lbs intermediate/advanced rider and I’ve been riding V rocker 154 for the past years and I feel happy and comfortable with that. I’m looking for an all mountain board that can do pretty much everything – groomers, backcountry, but mainly off-piste. Park would be the very last requirement. I want something playful and maybe just a bit aggressive. Would this be the board for me? And if so, 152 or 154? Thanks

  • shagga

    guys can u help me? i’m 6’4” and 187lbs boot 11.5. I live in italy and i’m an all mountain rider(here there aren’t lots of good parks) i love powder but also curving. i really dunno wich board is the best for me, i love the banana magic and the attack banana cuz i want to try a true twin. this site recommend me a skunk ape but as i said i want a true twin, so what is better attack banana or banana magic? ty and sorry if i made some mistake

  • Alexander Grundy

    Hi There I am a little under 6 foot and weigh around 130 pounds Im looking for a board that handles nicely for riding standard trails groomers ect. But can also handle jumps up to 40-50 foot and rails. It wouldn’t need to handle well in pow more than a foot as i live in Australia and there isn’t much good powder. I was looking at the skate banana but i heard that its not good for jumps and slips out on landings. Any tips or feedback appreciated, Thanks 🙂

  • Mike Hardaker

    one of my favorite snowboards of all time. And at first I actually avoided riding this board.. Find out why

  • Quan Wakafuji

    I would say more camber or a stiffer board or both will be best for jumps. A SB will be great on rails tho. So more speed and control is what u would get out of a !BTX! Or a c2/xc2/c3 board.

  • Quan Wakafuji

    I would say more camber or a stiffer board or both will be best for jumps. A Skate Banana will be great on rails tho and decent on smaller jumps. But u might not get enough speed or control for bigger jumps. So more speed and control is what u would get out of a !BTX! Or a c2/xc2/c3 board.

    You also have a unique situation with you being very tall and light weight. So smaller board would be for you, but you may have bigger feet. Smaller boards you might have too much boot overhang. Just something to think about since it may limit you options even more.

  • Quan Wakafuji

    Either board would work for you. 152 for more playfulness, 154 for a little more stability at high speeds. If you have boots bigger than size 10 you would want the 154 more for the board width.

  • Quan Wakafuji

    I saw the 2017 banana magic model. I would post on that link if it was up, but is it wrong what I am reading? The 2017 model is now C2 only? I do like that it’s FP now, but why is the !BTX! gone? Is the sidecut radius going to be deep still? And is the mag still very pronounced as the these older magics? Sad face!

  • Sami Darwish

    Do you guys expect to have some more 161. I really want to buy one, like now, but they are out of stock atm.

  • Sergi Gomez del Bas

    C2Btx for the Banana Magic 2016/17 is a big Mistake!!!!! Where is the Magic? Where is the special !BTX! ?????? Banana Magic with c2Btx is a TravisRice board!!! I hope that lib tech correct this mistake for seasson 17/18…

  • Dave

    Been researching new boards and had my eyes set on the !btx! Magic guess it’s back to the shopping blocks. Agree just another tr board!

  • Pan

    Nice looking board. Is the enhanced rocker still the same as previous years? Just asking as I’ve already seen some little bitches moaning about it being marketed as C2. I might buy last year’s board anyway as I’ve seen a deal and I also want some Bent Metal bindings to go with it 🙂

  • Gurifg

    Are those good with Burton Malavita Bindings?

  • Calin Vama

    I’m ready to make the switch this year from Burton to LibTech and I do need a piece of advice. I’m a 170cm / 61kg / 8.5 size boot guy looking for a fun and forgiving board, yet stable enough to ride high speed. I ride little to no park, but mainly off piste and groomers. I need an all mountain board with the V rocker feel. What would you recommend between the Banana Magic, the Attack Banana and the Skate Banana? And size? I used to ride 154cm.. Thanks guys!

  • dave

    Very good decision! I tested them all in the past seasons and they are all great boards! If your budget is small go for the Skate Banana (154), you can’t go wrong with this one. The Attack Banana (I would recommend 153) is stiffer and is maybe a tiny bit more stable on higher speeds… but if you have the extra money, get the Banana Magic (154) – this board is absolutely amazing, by far the best board I’ve ever ridden. It’s superlight, has a killer base and the response is freaked out!! 🙂

  • Calin Vama

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I’m of course willing to spend some extra cash, so I’ll probably go for the Banana Magic. I think I will need new bindings as well, since the Burton EST system cannot be used with these boards.. or can it? Any recommendation on this matter? I haven’t really understood how to properly match the bindings to the board I must confess 🙂

  • dave

    Yes, you have to change the bindings… EST doesn’t work on the normally used 4×6 hole pattern. I always recommend UNION Bindings – great quality, very comfy and they have a very good selection from all mountain to freestyle/park bindings. Check – my favourite is the Contact Pro, but if you prefer a little bit stiffer ones take the Atlas – both are great and perform perfectly on the Lib Techs…

  • Calin Vama

    Thanks! I think I’m leaning a bit towards the stiffer side.. What do you know about the Union (Forged) ULTRA ?

  • dave

    Well, for me personally they are too hard, but it really depends on your riding style. The harder the highback is the better is the response, but the less forgiving.. 😉 So if you like off piste and groomers you’d be very happy with the Atlas – it’s a good mix.

  • Blake

    How will this handle in the trees? And I’ve heard that it doesn’t handle well on groomers so on those days you just ride groomers will this not be a good choice?


  • Zwierz

    Will Flow Fuse Fusion 2016/2017 binding fit to this?

  • vt

    would the 152 banana magic work for a girl who is 5’4 135llbs?

  • Stephen Russell

    Hi. Have a JL Pheonix 160 and its great for charging (its the 2010 model i think). want another Lib and was thinking banana Magic but wanted to go down a size or 2 to make it more playful (not just for ripping). would the 154 be far to small for someone 6ft and 80kg (172lbs)? Thanks in advance.

  • xxgreyareaxx

    Is the contour the same as last year?

  • HipHop

    Yeah, is last years banana magic any different besides graphics? If so, whats new? Ty!!

  • dave sarris

    I have a 161 Travis Rice 5 years old how will I like this compared?

  • ayu

    I’ve ridden Burton most of my life I started riding in 96 when I was 11started teaching early 2000’s and I love burton but I stopped riding a few years ago I feel like there’s something missing and I wonder if a new board would switch it up. I’m looking at this banana magic board from lib tech and looks pretty fun usually I ride burton custom to custom x, ion boots, and gennsis est bindings. I love the feel and all but burton is getting a bit pricy to get a new setup every year.. like a good 2 grand plus a year. Can anyone tell me how this board compares to a burton custom with est? I also like this year’s Mike Mullar’s Mullair board..

  • Thomas Zingre

    I also rode burton custom for the longest time and switched last year, banana magic is a dozen times better. I can not believe I rode that piece of shit for so long.

  • ayu

    That’s cool thanks for the help! how would you compare the 2? Similarities? Differences? Stiffness? Edge feel upon load? Free ride capibility? Weight? Stability upon top speed? Esp vs disc? Etc. Etc. I’d like to learn…

  • Thomas Zingre

    Let me put it this way. On the custom you’re sort of just skidding around, decent in powder but the lack of rocker makes maneuvering harder, and you really have to commit to your turns. With these newer boards you not only hold the edge harder and without skidding/sliding, thanks to magne-traction, instead of switching from one edge to another you can slowly move from one side to the other, it’s smooth, it rolls from one side to the other instead of having to be stuck either on front side, back side, or flat in the middle. I’m sure you can go just as fast on either board but one has traction everywhere and the other feels like a deathtrap in many conditions. Stiffness is close to the same, maybe a bit more flexibility, lots of pop, handles changing conditions really well, like coming out of the powder and onto some hardpack or ice isn’t a problem.

    Simply put I’m sure there’s a positive or two for the burton custom but I would never go back, this one is just so smooth and responds so well.

  • ayu

    Thanks much! I’ll give it a try.. 🙂

  • HOODy

    This year is Firepower, last year was Horsepower construction

  • Alina Kanova

    I’m now riding GNU girl gateway 146 which is absolutely amazing in every sense (the Magne-traction, EC2 BTX, Twin Asym) – I just love it. But I’m starting to feel it’s a bit bit short for me in the deep powder (I weigh 161 lbs). I would like to get something similar in 154. What would you recommend? And what is the difference between EC2, C2 and XC2 – which one is better?

  • Hello Alina,

    We’re glad you love your Gnu board!
    if you would like something similar to your current board, the Ladies choice would be a very similar one! it has all the same technology and comes in a 153.5!

    You might like the Gnu Klassy, it’s a powder specific board. So if you’re looking for something to ride on those deep pow days, this would be a great choice for you!

    As for the difference between EC2, C2 and XC2. they’re all generally similar shapes, rocker in between the feet and camber on the tip and tail. It’s the aggressiveness of the camber that sets each of them apart. EC2 is the more mellow of the three, then there’s C2 which is the standard and finally the XC2 which is the most aggressive of the three. it’s all personal preference on how much camber you want in your board. The more camber you have, the more stable at high speeds it will be, along with the more pop you will have when doing ollies or hitting jumps. while the more mellow camber you have, the easier it will be to turn and ride at lower speeds.


  • Alina Kanova

    Hello Nik,

    Thanks for the detailed reply! I think I’ll get the Gnu Space Case – I just love the assimetry of this board – it looks amazing. I’ve been choosing between the Space Case and the Banana Magic and finally opted for the Space Case, as it looks like it will we easier to control on hard terrains (ice, between rocks). And it has XC2 just like I wanted. I will use it mostly for off-piste.
    Unfortunately the girls boards aren’t often sold in Moscow in bigger lengths – even 151 is hard to find, and 153 I’ve never seen here(


  • Pablo

    Hi from spain
    This year banana magic is C2 the last year BTX! What’s the difference? Is the same?
    Thank you

  • Hello Pablo,

    BTX is our standard rocker shape, while C2 has rocker in between the feet and camber on the tip and tail. C2 will be more stable on groomers, and better off jumps. But they both will float really well in powder. hope this helps!


  • Jeroen

    Im Currently looking for a new board. I cut i down to either the banana magic or the Trice Hp Pro. I find it hard to compare these 2 and make a decision. Can you help me out

  • Nick D.

    Purchased the 2015/2016 and have had the opportunity to ride it on hard pack, pow, spring slush, and assorted crud. The board transforms to a skateboard, surfboard, or a snowboard, depending on how and where it is ridden – magical. The deep side cut and rocker continue to lure me to the trees and the whole mountain has started to look like a banked slalom run. There is a secret squirrel that lives between the bindings and likes to come out on the straightaways but it can be tamed. A quiver killer in the fun category – may as well have been called the TFS.
    -161cm HP with Genesis X bindings
    ~20 years on Libs in AK

  • Umutcan Tut

    Hey there im thinking to buy Banana magic 158W im 1.88cm height and 95 Kg weight. My style is all mountain what do you think guys 158W does well with my Weight and height size ?

  • Trevor r

    Will this board be coming back into stock in the 161 size anytime soon???

  • Hi there,
    Thanks for reaching out and expressing interest in our boards! Everything we have available is shown on our website—so if we don’t have it up for sale, it means we don’t have any in our warehouse. It’s unlikely that we will have it in stock down the line, as we are not building any more boards from this year’s line. My apologies for any inconvenience! We do pride ourselves on selling out of boards quickly, though.

    I’d recommend reaching out to your local shop and seeing if they’ve got it:

    You also may be able to find the board for sale with an online retailer—I’d recommend using Google’s shopping results!


  • Reza

    I’ve owned a 2014 version of the Magic for a few seasons and wanted to buy a new one, when I noticed that now it has a C2 profile as opposed to the BTX! which it used to be. But in the description above you still mention the enhanced Banana. this has left me confused.
    Does this new version have a C2 profile with enhanced banana, compared to other C2 boards ?
    And how does it differ from the older versions?
    It was very hard to nose press or ollie on the older versions. Is this new version more springy and less loose on flatbasing ?

    I look forward to your response.

    BW, Reza