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Need it by Christmas Eve? Place your order by 5pm PST 12/19 | 1-800-840-6153 | FREE SHIPPING! orders over $75 - Excluding Surfboards

Need it by Christmas Eve? Place your order by 5pm PST 12/19 | 1-800-840-6153 | FREE SHIPPING! orders over €75

  • Birdman Snowboard - 160, 165, 170


Lightweight Awesome Everywhere Pow Floating Device

$696.96 USD

$734.95 CAD

€696.96 EUR incl. VAT

Free shipping over $75

Free shipping over €75

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The Birdman makes new snow all over the world laughably easy. The awesome everywhere shape will rip the chute on the way to your line, and carve up the hardpack in both directions. So easy to ride it feels like you are cheating.


Art by Mike Parillo

Board Specs

Size Contact
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
160 110 8.2 30.2 25.7 29 20.25"-26"/4" 6.5 120 +
165 114 8.3 30.7 25.9 29.3 20.25"-26"/4" 7 140 +
170 116 8.3 30.8 26 29.5 20.25"-26"/4" 7 150 +
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  • BTX: Banana Technology

    Revolutionary all terrain freestyle banana blend. Rocker between your feet with flat to mild camber to contact points. Mild tip pressure for unreal float and jibbing, solid pressure between your feet for easy turning and great ice edge hold.

  • MTX: Magne-Traction®

    Seven points of focused edge control. Magne-Traction’s strategic serrations provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions. Winner of over 30 Good Wood awards. Ridden to Olympic gold medals, Air and Style championships, King of Hill, X Games Street gold, Supernatural victory and Ted Borland’s backwoods jibs.

Technologically tougher

Horsepower Construction

The experiMENTAL Division’s favorite high performance combination of lightweight strong environmentally friendly materials. All Basalt Glass (no fiberglass), Columbian Gold Core, Beans Top material. Light, smooth, strong.

Aspen / Polonia / Columbian Gold

Super ultra light, strong, long lively fibers.

Basalt Fiber Reinforcement

Strong light Volcanic organic additive free fiber reinforcements. Flex modulus is synchronized with our resin system for maximum strength and minimum weight. Damp, strong, and lively for a smooth poppy ride. Our favorite fiber.

Eco Sublimated Bio-Plastic Beans Top Material

ExperiMENTAL division leader Mike Olson loves beans! When he’s not eating them he’s buying plastics made with them. Lib Tech has made a commitment to using a new earth friendly, bio-plastic top skin made from beans that features the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any top sheet in the industry.

Birch Internal Sidewalls

The same futuristic power 90º pop technology from our world record setting skateboards and power transfer spines only this time we have placed it along the sidewall of your board to add board control to our sandwich construction. Stronger, more pop, and more control brought to you by our Woodshop!

UHMW Sintered Sidewalls

A Lib Tech innovation. Twice as sintered as any other sidewall. Tough, fast, hard, waterproof, handsome and light. NO TOXIC ABS!

Handcrafted in the USA near Canada!

BITCHIN’ BOARD BUILDERS We build snowboards. We build snowboards. No really… that is what we do. We don’t order them from China or anywhere else and send someone to go check and see how they turned out. We physically hand build them right here at home in the USA.

The World’s Most evironMENTAL Board Factory

30 years of handcrafting in the USA. A rider run board design and testing creative lab where dream boards are made.

  • Anthony Potenza

    Hi lib tech, I’m a skilled rider of 8 years. 6 foot tall 195 lbs size 10 boot. The past two years of been riding 80% glades 20% gromers 0% park. Looking for a powder board but need to keep it out of the tight Vermont trees. Need to cut on a dime, plus you know how icy it gets out this way so that’s a factor too. Is the birdman to much of a pow board made for open mtn sides or is it the rite board for ripping through tight trees? Im open to suggestions, thanks in advance guys

  • Lib Tech

    Hi Anthony,
    The Birdman is a spectacular pow board, I’d recommend this bad boy.
    Or the La Nina for a slightly more versatile, yet still directional board.

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