Up to 30% OFF most 14/15 snow products! FREE standard shipping on all orders over $75 - Excluding Surfboards

Up to 30% OFF most 14/15 snow products! FREE standard shipping on all orders over $75 - Excluding Surfboards

Up to 30% OFF most 14/15 snow products! FREE standard shipping on all orders over €75

  • Cygnus X-1 - 157, 161
  • Cygnus X-1 - 157, 161

Cygnus X-1

Galactically aligned, experiMENTAL design

  • Cygnus X-1 - Assorted Bases
  • Cygnus X-1 - Assorted Bases

Bases come in random colorways

$2999.95 USD

$2,099.97 USD (30% off)

$3989.93 CAD

$2,792.95 CAD (30% off)

€2999.95 EUR incl. VAT

€2,099.97 EUR incl. VAT (30% off)

Free shipping over $75

Free shipping over €75

Product Alert: Currently less than 10 available.

Product Alert: We are currently out of stock on this item. Our dealer network may be able to fulfill this order.

Ultra high tech experiMENTAL, fun for pros and techMENTALISTS.  Handmade and signed by Mike Olson.

Art by Quincy Quigg

Board Specs

Size Contact
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
157 117 8.25 29.3 25.3 29.3 20.25"-26" 7 110 +
161 122 8.25 29.8 25.6 29.8 20.25"-26" 7 130 +
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  • !BTX!: Enhanced Banana

    A magical dynamic blend of our highest Banana Tech rocker between your feet and a secret numerical formula of camber to the contact points. Mild tip pressure for incredible float in powder, catchfree freestyle combined with solid pressure between your feet for precise carving on ice.

  • MTX: Magne-Traction

    Seven points of focused edge control. Magne-Traction’s strategic serrations provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions. Winner of over 30 Good Wood awards. Ridden to Olympic gold medals, Air and Style championships, King of Hill, X Games Street gold, Supernatural victory and Ted Borland’s backwoods jibs.

Technologically tougher


Sandwich Over Sandwich- this is the backbone of the mad-pop and compression energy often referred to as Top-Pop.


Seamless Self Healing Biopolymer Sidewalls that glow in the dark in tribute to Chernobyl. One piece perimeter sidewalls with super impact resistance, rebound, vibration reduction, and the healing properties of a human body.


Magnesium Oxide Strand- uses up to 30% less petroleum matrix products (environMENTALLY friendlier) and is almost twice as strong as traditional fiberglass.


Farmed Eco Light Timbers- super light dead trees that were bred and butchered with compassion for the nutritional balance of the surrounding soil for future generations of offspring.


Z Axis Air Polymer- space age polymer engineered to be stronger in one direction than the other.


Ultra Light End Grain Timbers- the lightest farmed timbers known are oriented top to bottom in the middle of the core for max lightweight strength efficiency.


Vectran Torsion Rods- Vectran power fibers arranged in a torsional X for corner-to-corner energy transmission at minimal weight (26% lighter than carbon).

Bio-Plastic Beans

ExperiMENTAL division leader Mike Olson loves beans! When he’s not eating them he’s buying plastics made with them. Lib Tech has made a commitment to using a new earth friendly, bio-plastic top skin made from beans that features the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any top sheet in the industry.

Handcrafted in the USA near Canada!

BITCHIN’ BOARD BUILDERS We build snowboards. We build snowboards. No really… that is what we do. We don’t order them from China or anywhere else and send someone to go check and see how they turned out. We physically hand build them right here at home in the USA.

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